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Below are Enjoy Learning Center Tutoring customer testimonials all the way back to 2001 - OUR FIRST YEAR IN BUSINESS!

(334) 625-9535

February 2023

"Good afternoon,
The [tutoring] session went very well thank you for asking!
He did find it helpful and we'd like to [schedule more tutoring]!
We did NOT encounter any issues."

--Mrs. JR

September/October 2022

"[Our child] has complimented feeling so good about just some of the things that have been discussed!!! I feel so good about the process we have our in place."

My intent was to reach out to you to suggest how comfortable and self confident [our child] is! She feels so well prepared and good about her studies. Right now she has a 95% average, but she has a big test on next week. It feels good that if she is confused before the tutoring session, when she gets off the session…she understands it! Lord, you’ve been a BLESSING!!!! We THANK You!!!!!"

"Heyyyyyyy!!!!! Yes!!! our daughter is really doing and feeling very good about her Geometry! Sooo thankful for you!!! She's looking good either an A or B!!! She currently has an 89 average!!!!"



September 3, 2022

"[Our daughter Z.] made a 100 on her quiz last week." --M.W.


September 2, 2022

(a college student's mom)

"[The tutoring] was good...not intimidating.  She needed to see someone else [besides the professor] break down the [math] problems to help her better understand..." --T.M. 


September 1, 2022

"We just met with [our son's] math teacher.  His [algebra] grade has come up from an F to a C.  Your daughter is doing an excellent job [tutoring our son]." --D.W. 


November 2018 

ACT score improved 3 points to a 24.  Edited for clarity.

"Hi, Mr. Muhammad.  This is C. R. On the most recent ACT test I made a 24.  I also got accepted into the University of Alabama.  I just wanted to say thank you for tutoring me [in Algebra 2, Precalculus and ACT prep].  I don’t know what I would have done this year or last year without you.   You’re the greatest of all time."

 C. R.


November 2018

ACT score improved 3 points to a 27.

"Thank you as well for your patience and instruction. It definitely showed in the [ACT test] results.  [Our daughter] couldn't have done it without your guidance.  You will most definitely be highly referred and your services will undoubtedly be utilized whenever the opportunity presents itself with us as well.  Thank you again."

—R. K.


October 2017

"Good morning, Mr. Muhammed. Just thought we would share J’s ACT scores with you. His composite score is 24! Consistently 24 in three categories, and 22 in English.  Thanks and have a great day!"

—L. L.


February 3, 2017

"Mr. Trevor, you are proof of how a teacher can change a child's path. It's because of your training that he is relying on the calculator less. You are currently one of the few adults he listens to. It takes a village to raise a child. I am grateful. B. M."

March 19, 2016

"Hi. I just wanted to say that Ra****** made a 100 on his math quiz. Thank you [for your help]."

March 10, 2016

"Good Morning, Mr. Trevor. [Our son], Ch**** asked me to let you know that he made an A on his Algebra 2 test. L. J."

January 2016

"Our son is holding an A in math. Thank you for building both my sons'confidence and helping them with comprehension."

January 16, 2016

"Hi, Mr. Trevor. La***** made an 86 on her last test in Math. She keeps improving. Thank you so much!"

December 23, 2015

[Received 10 tutoring lessons of our famous 1 ON 1 tutoring.  ACT-10 Pack includes tutoring for English, math, reading, and science (writing available, too). ]

"Good Morning, K*****'s ACT Score was an 18. We give God all the glory and honor. Thanks for you and your staff's help. Her score increased by 3 points from 15 to 18. God is so good!!! [Here are her scores.]-- KB"

October 2015 AND RETAKE December 12,  2015. 

  • Math -- up 1 point

  • English -- up 3 points

  • Reading --  up 3 points to 19


December 1, 2015

(This parent started Summer 2015 with math and mostly reading tutoring.) "J*****'s grades improved tremendously. He's almost on A honor roll (has 1 high B). Thank you both soooooo much! -- JB"

July 2015

(A parent who tried our summer tutoring program) "Hi, Mr. Muhammad. Just wanted to inform you that K**** was accepted into all of the advanced courses for high school [this approaching school year] (so I know we will be using your services again). Thanks for all that you do. Have a blessed evening. -- KB, parent "

May 2015

"Thanks so much. I appreciate how much you have helped both [of my sons]. You have truly been a lifesaver!" -- T***, Registered Nurse

February 8, 2015

"[Our daughter] really has improved and I thank you." --- Sheila C******

January 16, 2015

"Hi, [I just wanted to tell you that my son] made a 91/A on his daily grade test yesterday!! [That's the] highest score he's made since being in school this year. He has a major test today so I'm praying for another good score!! Thanks!!!" Tonya W******

August 10, 2014

"[Your company] is an important part of our school year -- not to keep up, but to stay ahead. Tutors are genuinely concerned for a student's understanding and progress." -- L**** Bu***** [satisfied customer beginning a 2nd school year]

March 19, 2014

"...I wanted to let you know [our daughter] has a strong A in math. Thank you for what you are doing." -- Ka*** D***

March 15, 2014

This student had taken the ACT several times but was stuck at a score of 22 before our team of tutors helped him.

"Thanks for your help, Mr. Muhammad. My math score went up, and I went from a[n ACT score of] 22 to a 24 overall!" -- F*** A***

December 12, 2013

(We have tutored this student and two of his brothers since 2005 in math and ACT prep. Two of the brothers are in college as of May 2015. They are among our most loyal customers.)

"I made an "A" in calculus! Thank you so much for all the help..." -- Ju***** R*****. -- College student

December 8, 2013

Our new chemistry tutor, who came to us highly recommended, is already making an impact on her students. After only the first lesson, the student said,

"I finally understand chemistry for the first time." [LAMP STUDENT] -- J*** V***

After the second tutoring lesson, the student scored a 96% on her chemistry quiz last week. We've got another pleased parent and student.

October 9, 2013

Here's another satisfied referral who decided to try our ACT prep program after trying the national brands' high cost group tutoring. Her son couldn't seem to score above a 26 on his ACT. He had 12 ENERGIZER 1-ON-1 tutoring sessions with us. Here is her email.

"Thank you! Trevor. [Our son] made a 29! We were hoping for a 28! Thank you SO much for working with him!

October 9, 2013

Your company exceeded other test preps he attended. I'll certainly be referring other parents to you. Not only did his score come up, his self confidence did as well too, even while he was in tutoring, before the test." -- K*** Ho***

September 5, 2013

This parent was referred to us by another happy customer. Her daughter was having difficulty with prealgebra. I asked the parent to write a testimonial for us.

"We began working with a Math tutor at ELC during the summer because I suspected, and an ELC assessment confirmed, that my daughter was not prepared for the level of work she would face at a new school. The weekday and weekend hours are convenient, and our tutor is ALWAYS timely and prepared. Her lessons are taught with humor and discipline - she respects and admires her tutor and looks forward to learning.

Because of her work at ELC, she has been CONFIDENT since day one at her new school, both in class and during quizzes/exams. Her grades are great, and we know that continued work at ELC will keep them that way. ELC has become a non-negotiable, but affordable, expense in our household budget. We cannot imagine going to a business that groups students during tutorial sessions. I frequently thank the friend who referred us to ELC!" -- Sincerely, [Parent who drives from Tuskegee, AL for our tutoring]

August 15, 2013

This student is taking Geometry this year, so we began to tutor her in Geometry this summer to prepare her for the challenging course. Another satisfied client referred the child's mother to us.

"Thank you so much for all of your help this summer. I will keep you posted on [my daughter's progress] and we will call if we need you. Thanks again!" -- Mrs. Bell

April 11, 2013

(An unsolicited message from an appreciative parent.)

"If I have not told you lately, [my husband] and I thank you for all you do!!! [We] appreciate your commitment to [our daughter's] success." -- D***** Ba******, Parent of an Algebra student

March 29, 2013

(My question to a parent: What did your son make in math on his report card?)

Parent's response:

"Mr. Trevor, [our son] made an A! He is doing so much better. Your [1-ON-1] help this grading period has made all the difference. He is actually learning and understanding the Algebra now. Thanks so much." -- Mrs. T****, Registered Nurse

March 26, 2013

Here's yet another parent who's happy with our 1-ON-1 reading program. "[My son] is doing a lot better in reading. He came up to an 80 average on his report card. He had a D [in reading] before you all started helping him." -- Ms. Deb***, Mother of 4th grade student

December 19, 2012

This student has been with us only 6 weeks of no-contracts, 1-ON-1 tutoring. "Just want to say thanks to you and [my daughter's math tutor], my daughter made a 92% on her [Algebra semester] exam today. Coming to you guys has really made a difference this semester. See you next year [in January when school starts back]." -- Mrs. S****, parent of a Brewbaker Magnet School student

June 2012

Thank you for helping my daughter with her ACT preparation and her Algebra 2 class. She passed her math and will graduate with her class. Thank you for all you have done. [Your program] was well worth it. I will let you know if we need your services again. -- Ms. R. C.

May 2012

You have been awesome. I really appreciate you! [My daughter] is really enjoying [tutoring] a lot, more than I expected. Tutoring is helping her so much so that it's a huge relief for me. -- Ms. Gloria

April 2012

I'm sure you will continue to make a huge impact on our children & community. Thank you so very much! Wishing you continued success in the future. -- Gloria

April/May 2012

From personal experience (on multiple occasions) Enjoy Learning Center has never failed on bringing me up to speed on subjects I've struggled in. The tutoring experience is both passionate and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone looking for that academic edge. -- Julio

January 2012

Hi, this Patrick's mom. I just wanted to tell you thank you for your help and expertise. He passed the Graduation Exam. I will recommend you if anyone is looking for a good tutor. Once again Thanks!

I knew something was different this time. I saw it in his eyes when he came from tutoring. He told me, 'Mama, I never had anyone explain the math to me like that.' I did not want to use after-school tutoring because he [is a senior and] didn't have many more times to take the exam. I wanted to do all I could to help my son pass this last part of the Graduation Exam. -- Dorothy L.

May 2007

Dear Mr. Muhammad,

I wish I could have given you and your family more to let you all know how much we appreciate everything you do with understanding and patience. We all know that you could have been home with your family spending more time with them. You sacrifice your time and your family does too. This is why I am thanking them also. See you in July.

Mrs. I.D.

October 2004

(Note: This mother and father found us after trying the competition's shared (group) tutoring.  They wanted 1 ON 1 tutoring without breaking their banking account.  The student's mother wrote us a thank-you card.)

Dear Mr. Muhammad,

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the work you did in July and August (2004) with (my son). He came to you a 'C' student in math, very frustrated (and) with little confidence that he could handle 9th grade Algebra. Now, 8 weeks into the school year, he has a 95 average in Algebra! We owe this outstanding result to your very effective teaching methods. We highly recommend Enjoy Learning Center to our friends who want results.


Linda R.


August 9, 2004

To [Director] Trevor:

When I began looking for a tutoring class for my grandson over the summer, in my mind I thought O.K., he will go for 45 minutes and maybe understand about 10 minutes of math. Although I wanted much more, I thought 10 minutes is better than nothing until I can find something better. I am more than happy to say that I was wrong! Not only did my grandson learn a lot about algebra and was able to take the next step to geometry, but, he met a young man with integrity and compassion.

I thank you for your talks with my grandson about responsibility, and work ethics, and expectations of life. The things you said to him, I have said before; however, he seemed to really hear them when you said them. Continue your good work. I hope you never lose the "getting to know your student" side of you, instead of seeing them as just another appointment of the day. Again thank you very much. -- Tommy's grandmother

July 2004

I wanted to say that I am very pleased with your services. My daughter failed her school's reading test. A friend recommended your tutoring services, so I decided to try your reading program. I just wanted to let you know that she received a passing score of 94 percent on the school's reading test after retaking it. I'm so proud of her. Your reading teacher was excellent. She really worked with my daughter on her reading comprehension and challenged her to do her best. Thanks for everything. -- Ms. Velma

July 2004

I wanted to say that I am very pleased with your services. My daughter failed her school's reading test. A friend recommended your tutoring services, so I decided to try your reading program. I just wanted to let you know that she received a passing score of 94 percent on the school's reading test after retaking it. I'm so proud of her. Your reading teacher was excellent. She really worked with my daughter on her reading comprehension and challenged her to do her best. Thanks for everything. Ms. Velma

April 2004

Our son, Ben, was failing Geometry and did not understand the concepts. His test scores averaged in the 50s, and he earned an F the 1st 9 weeks on his report card. Ben started working with Mr. Muhammad, and his test scores increased to the 60s and 70s in the 2nd 9 weeks....In the 3rd 9 weeks, his test scores averaged in the 80s and he even made a perfect 100% on a major test. His 3rd 9 weeks report card grade was a B. Not only is our son passing Geometry, he has regained his confidence. He has improved in his other subjects, too.

Additionally, Mr. Muhammad taught him valuable study skills. He now works independently more. We are so pleased with our son's progress that we started our other son with Mr. Muhammad to improve his study and reasoning skills in math. -- Dr. BT

October 7, 2003

Since D'Andre started tutoring three months ago, I have noticed many positive changes in him. His self-esteem is much higher. His reading and spelling skills are gradually improving. His tutor really makes it exciting for him to learn, and he enjoys going to his tutoring sessions. His tutor is good at communicating with both my son and me. He really works hard to improve himself. I am very pleased with the progress my son has made because of your tutoring program. I’ll be sure to recommend your services to other parents. Thank you for all your help. -- Ms. B. D'Andre's mother

January 26, 2003

I was struggling in math my freshman year. Though I studied, I just couldn’t seem to pass any of the tests. Just after my first session at the Enjoy Learning Center I felt more confident and received a deeper understanding [of the math]. That semester I passed my math class with a high B. -- A.J.C. (college student)

October 5, 2002

My daughter started taking enrichment reading and math tutoring sessions at the Enjoy Learning Center this summer. Those enrichment lessons have helped her a lot with her classes at the magnet school she’s in. -- Ms. X

July 2002

The Enjoy Learning Center has had a profound effect on my son’s academic achievements. Before the tutorial sessions, my son was intimidated by math. His tutor helped him gain the strength and self-confidence to overcome his mathematical and other academic obstacles. I would highly recommend their services to other parents.


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