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In the early 1990's, I saw a need for affordable, high quality tutoring that wouldn't break working parents' bank accounts.  I had worked for other tutoring companies with their group tutoring but felt the students suffered because I had to share the time with the 4 students--impossibly challenging.  Those four parents each paid for one hour but got approximately 15 minutes.


I built ELCtutoring for tutors and teachers to tutor one student at a time.  In the last three years alone, we've tutored hundreds of students and helped them improve academically--ONE student at a time.  It will be an honor to help meet your educational needs.

Trevor Muhammad,







The Lord inspired Director Trevor Muhammad to act on his desire to become an entrepreneur and to provide needed tutoring services to the community.   Mr. Muhammad, who's always been the only owner of Enjoy Learning Center Tutoring, began tutoring clients in their homes in the early 1990s.

"I knew I had exceptional math skills because I carried a 3.7 grade point average in my math major and a 3.4 overall grade point average from Auburn University at Montgomery at graduation.  However, my master's degree in teaching from Alabama State University really prepared me to teach and tutor math.  Alabama State Univ. gave me the teaching background I needed to succeed," he says.


Satisfied clients began spreading the news by word-of-mouth.  In February of 2002, Enjoy Learning Center Tutoring started as an official business and hired its first tutor later that year.  That tutor is still with us.  Since then we've expanded our staff to 7-10 tutors.




From 2002 through 2016, we expanded four times to larger facilities from making house visits with no facility to renting offices spaces of sizes 450, 750, 1100, and now 1800 square feet.  In June 2016, we moved ELC Tutoring to our current 1800 square-foot facility in the Vaughn Place Shopping Center near the intersection of Vaughn Road and Eastern Boulevard.  How have we experienced 16 years of success?  We simply offer affordable tutoring that works for working families."(TM).  Our no-contracts, 1-ON-1 tutoring helped us establish ourselves as a serious tutoring company in Montgomery.  Today, ELC Tutoring employs 7 to 10 tutors and serves many students weekly.


Inside the facility





Since 2002, our Montgomery, AL tutoring service has provided only no-contracts, 1-ON-1 tutoring.  We usually tutor in 45 minutes blocks of time.  We also offer 1 hour or longer tutoring sessions.  Tutoring sessions are offered for the following: homework, reading, English, writing, math, science, ACT prep and more.  For a list of the services, click here.



All of our tutors are college graduates.  Eighty-five percent have master's degrees or higher or are Alabama State Department of Education licensed, certified teachers.




ELCtutoring promises to provide affordable, no-contracts, high quality 1-ON-1 services that meet the educational needs of working families.(TM)


That mission statement sums up what we do.   We've been fulfilling our mission as a business for nearly 15 years.  We could offer group tutoring, but we would have to sacrifice quality and increase the time needed to accomplish tutoring goals.  Our testimonials received over the years are verification that Enjoy Learning Center Tutoring is doing something right.





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